Monday, February 15, 2010


Stafix has finally released the long awaited X12i Unigizer. The X12i is the latest addition to the Unigizer range, following on the X1, X2, X3, X6 and X6i. This range of energisers are the new generation of Stafix energisers and can operate off mains electricity or a 12 volt battery (for battery or solar set-ups). Each energiser in this range is supplied with a power adapter and set of battery leads, either of which can be plugged into the unit making these the most versatile energisers on the market. The X12i, which has an output energy of 12 Joules is the most powerful Unigizer in the range. By making use of Stafix’s patented cyclic wave technology, the X12i supplies a clean, powerful fence pulse, maximising the energy travelling down the fence. As with other Stafix energisers, the X12i is fitted with a row of indicator lights which show output voltage and battery condition. It is equipped with a day / night sensor and power output and pulse speed are adjustable for battery conservation. The LCD screen displays the output voltage, battery voltage and earth voltage giving the user easy access to all the information required to optimally manage the fence. The X12i can also be controlled using a Stafix remote fence compass allowing the user to turn the unit on and off from any position on the fence. While Stafix claim (together with the usual qualifying statement / disclaimer) that these energisers can power up to 120km of fenceline, in African conditions, they will reliably power 6km of multiwire fence for wildlife or livestock control. The X12i will only be available in South Africa later in the year, but will be a welcome addition to the Stafix range. We trust that the R&D department at Tru-test have already started working on the X18.