Friday, September 12, 2014

TNH News update

The last couple of months have been really busy for TNH with lots of interesting and exciting happenings taking place.

Security is becoming a far more important component of our work, with our customer base which is primarily in the rural areas requiring better security.  Fortunately our product offering caters even to high end customers requiring top quality security systems.  

Frazer spent a month in Cabinda Angola commissioning a fibre optic intrusion detection system for an oil pipeline.  This system is excellent as it is extremely accurate in pinpointing the location of the breach, can virtually eliminate nuisance alarms and can be installed over massive distances on fences or underground, depending on the requirement.  It is however a costly system, and while it has not been adopted by the wildlife or game-farming market yet, with the recent escalation in rare game prices and the continued threat of poaching, particularly of rhino, it will not be long before game breeders start using these systems to assist them in protecting their valuable wildlife assets.  

What is however now being be adopted by the wildlife industry is the use of computer software such as Perimeter Patrol to monitor their electric fences.  While this type of system has been used extensively for security applications for small sites such as factories, housing complexes and business parks, recent advances in wireless technology have now made it possible for us to set this up on farms and game reserves.  

Electric fences around these sites can be monitored remotely via an internet connection which allows managers to allocate resources which would otherwise have been used to check the fence to other tasks.  Farmers can also check fences when not on the farm and alarms also alert the user when faults occur on the fence.  We have recently set up Perimeter Patrol at Thaba Tholo to enable them to monitor the electric fence around their rare game breeding camps. 

Serious interest has also been shown by other well-known reserves.  No sooner had Frazer returned from Angola when Theo jetted off to Europe to undergo a month long combat training course.  With the skills learned there added to an already impressive arsenal of counter-poaching techniques, Theo is ideally equipped to take on any anti-poaching challenge.  

August was also show month for TNH, with the Thabazimbi agricultural show once again being an excellent opportunity to catch up with many of our clients from the bushveld region.  We also exhibited at the African Farmers Expo where with the support from the guys from Stafix we were able to make ourselves known to a new group of potential customers.  With delegates from as far afield as Israel and Zambia spending time on the stand, prospects for the future look promising.

Tubby together with the Zambian minister of livestock and agriculture, Wilbur Simusa at the African Farmers Expo