Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chiefs win Super Rugby

Congratulations to the Chiefs on beating the Brumbies to win the Super Rugby title again this year.  More importantly, well done to Gallagher for supporting a winning team.  The rugby win is not the only cause for celebration in Hamilton this year however as Gallagher is celebrating its 75th year in business. The company has grown enormously since the 1930’s when Bill Gallagher (senior) began developing systems to make farming easier and is now a successful and well respected company throughout the world.  As part of its 75 year celebrations, Gallagher have great deals and giveaways going on some of their products. The Gallagher MR5000 energiser is one of the most reliable high-power energisers available and is excellent value for money.  It is ideal for wildlife applications and long stock fences and is currently being packaged with a remote and Smartfix meter at no extra charge.  Another great product released by Gallagher earlier this year is the i-Series range of fence energiser systems.  These are excellent for monitoring and controlling fence performance and allow for rapid location of faults, particularly where the fence can be divided into zones. With semi-intensive production of rare game having become so popular in South Africa over the last few years, there are hundreds of wildlife managers and game breeders who can benefit from the features of the i-Series system.  If you are interested in these or any other Gallagher, Stafix, JVA, MEPS or Nemtek electric fence products, please contact TNH and we will endeavour to provide you with the best system for your needs.   

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New electric fence regulation to be implemented

Below is an article published in The Star newspaper on 15/5/2013.  The article discusses very briefly the responsibility of property owners and tenants of properties which have electric fences in terms of the new electrical machinery regulations act.  While this article refers to urban fencing, it is important to note that these regulations also apply to electric fences in rural areas including security, game and agricultural fences.  Owners or tenants of properties who do not comply with these regulations may be liable to a fine or imprisonment or both.  TNH Fencing are registered with the Department of Labour to install electric fences and issue compliance certificates, so please contact us if you need assistance in this regard.

New electric fence regulation to be implemented
May 15 2013 at 02:29pm

A new regulation stipulates that electric fences should be certified before a property can be sold. Picture: Boxer Ngwenya
Johannesburg - Property owners are going to have to be more careful about who they contract to install electric fences so as to comply with a new regulation.
This regulation stipulates that all electric fences be certified and come with an electric fence system certificate of compliance, as reflected in Regulation 12 of the Electric Machinery Regulations of 2011.
This applies only to systems that came into existence after October 1 last year.
However, it also will apply in cases where the system is altered or added to, or where the premises changes ownership after October 1 this year.
Any property transfer after that date, therefore, carries with it the obligation to provide a certificate if there is an electric fence in place.
All properties – including residential, commercial and sectional titles within complexes – must comply.
A number of people have complained about the regulation on social networks, with many saying the it was meant to protect burglars.
“Next they will tell me to remove my burglar proofing because a burglar might get stuck in it and hurt himself… This is total insanity. I’ll remove my fence when they remove the criminals,” said one.
SA Electric Fences Association founder member Etien van der Merwe said the regulation actually protected innocent people within the property. He added that electrical output from fences had always been regulated.
“Energisers are controlled: the electrical machinery regulations stipulate a certain output. Adjusting fences to be more lethal is actually illegal.”
The regulation would ensure installers were held accountable and minimise fly-by-night installers.
Failure to have a compliance certificate could cost one a great deal, said John Graham, the chief executive of House-check Home Inspection Services.
“If you don’t have the certificate, you can’t sell your house, and if somebody gets hurt by a non-compliant fence, you could get sued.”
He said electrical fence installers had to write an examination and be registered with the Department of Labour by October 1 this year.
What makes an electric fence compliant?
* It must be installed by a registered electric fence installer, not a non-specialist company.
* Owner must have a certificate of compliance.
* Output should not be adjusted to make it more lethal.
* Warning signs of a fence visible from driveway and pavement.
* Fence should not overhang a neighbour’s yard or a pavement.
Penalties for non-compliance
* You cannot sell a property without the certificate.
* If someone gets hurt by an electric fence on your property, you could be sued.
* You may have to upgrade to compliance or be forced to remove the fence.
The Star

Monday, February 18, 2013

Keran McCaull in South Africa

We would like to thank Tru-Test’s Keran McCaull for taking time out of his busy schedule last week to spend an afternoon with us.  Tru-Test manufacture the Speedrite, Stafix, Pel and Patriot brands of electric fence energisers as well as Hayes fencing tools.  South Africans will be most familiar with the Stafix brand of energisers which was established in 1958.  Over the last few years Stafix have updated their battery energiser range to the X – range which are able to work off both 12 volt DC (battery) and 220V AC electricity.  The range incorporates energisers from 1 to 18 Joules and has proved extremely popular for both wildlife and livestock applications.  Together with the X-range of “unigisers,” Stafix also produce the world’s largest energiser, the Stafix M63R, so really do have energisers for every application.  Despite seeming to have every angle covered, Tru-Test are not resting on their laurels.  Keran gave us a peek into some of what Stafix has lined up for us in the near future so hopefully we will have some exciting news for you before the end of the year.