Monday, July 2, 2012



The Stafix X18i unigizer is now available in Africa.  This new addition to the X range of energisers which are able to run off either a 12V rechargeable battery or mains power source replaces the discontinued B18 energiser as the most powerful battery energiser available.  It has an output energy of 18 Joules which is slightly more than the 15 Joules of the Stafix X15i and Gallagher MBX 2500.  As with the other energisers in this range, the X18i features a backlit LCD voltage display, which, shows the output voltage, battery voltage and earth voltage.  Probably its greatest advantage over the B18 however is its lower power consumption.  Using a little more than half the power of the B18, together with the microprocessor which adjusts the output energy depending on the battery condition, this energy efficient unit is ideal for solar installations.  The X18i also has a number of settings and pulse speeds which can be selected to further increase its energy efficiency.  Pricing of the X18i is considerably less than that of its predecessors which will no doubt make this the energiser of choice for most agricultural and wildlife applications in Africa.


  1. As a professional electric fence installer operating in wild life control, problem animal control and farm security fencing, I have made it my passion to test the best of the best electric fence energizers (on various types of electric fences) available on the South African market. My first choice in brand is Gallagher with Tru-test brand energizers (Speedrite, Stafix & Pel) in second place. A Stafix X18i energizer tested in July 2012 on a 7 strand (FG steel wire, 2.24mm) game fence over a distance of 6km is a fair to good performer and compares well to the resident Gallagher MBX2500 energizers installed, although the MBX's maintained slightly higher voltages overall. An energizer to look out for is the new version MBX, the Gallagher i-series M2800i energizer at 17.5 joules output! What is unique about the i-series is that you have total control, remotely, of your land via your fence. The energiser and accessories enable you to be informed remotely about a fault on your fence. You can detect the location of the fault immediately. A repair can then be done quickly by remotely switching off the fence and switching it on again after the repair. Two smaller Gallagher i-series energizers will also be available, the M1800i and M1200i at 13.1 joules and 6.6 joules output respectively. These new energizers will surely revolutionise the electric fence industry.

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