Sunday, March 8, 2015


It’s been a while since we wrote about the release of the I-series range of energisers developed by Gallagher, arguably the best system produced to date for monitoring farm and game reserve fences.  At the time, the largest unit being produced was the M2800i, which with an output of just over 15 Joules is perfect for a camp or paddock set up for game or livestock, but is a bit small for powering the perimeter fences of large farms and wildlife reserves.  The good news is that the “big brother” is now available in Africa.  

Gallagher have launched the M5800i which has all the advantages of the other i-series models, but with a lot more power.  With 58 Joules of stored and 36 Joules of output energy, the M5800i has the equivalent power of the Stafix M36R, which has for a long time been the go to energiser for long fence runs in dry African conditions.

You are going to pay a little bit more for the Gallagher unit, but there is a lot of technology packed in the black and orange box.  If you are running a farm where you need to stay up to date with what is happening on your fences, the extra money will be well spent as you will save a lot of time and money in the long term which would otherwise have been spent checking the fences and searching for faults.  Unfortunately there is a downside to the arrival of the M5800i and that is that Gallagher are no longer producing the MR5000 energiser.  The MR5000 has for many years been an excellent value energiser in the 50 – 60 Joule range and will be missed.  If you would like to purchase any one of these energisers, please get in contact with us.


  1. I agree, the new Gallagher M5800i energizer is real value for money, lots of power and i-Series smarts, a complete management system all in one.
    The M5800i energizer has since it's launch in September 2014 proved to be a top seller in the game fencing market. The M5800i energizer is now the class leader in 32-40 joules output segment, out performing its rival, the Stafix M36R with even better voltage delivered to your electric fence. The latest 2015 model M5800i units will be fitted with upgraded output transformers shifting it's output energy from 36 to 40 joules output ! The target voltage is set at 9,000volts and the unit will still maintain just over 6,000volts (extreme fence load) at 50ohm resistive loads. My opinion the best agricultural & management energizer system on the market today. Now we are just waiting for the "BIG DADDY" M10,000i energizer system to be launched in September 2015....

  2. Large Gallagher energizer feedback.

    Just got confirmation from Gallagher New Zealand that the M5800i V2 energizers (Now 40 Joules Output) where released in late May 2015 in New Zealand and will be available for our market in South Africa soon. The new Gallagher M10,000i energizer (100 Joules stored) and delivering a massive 71 joules max output / 10,000volts is now also available in SA and by far the most powerful energizer on the market today, outperforming it's predecessor and also very powerful MX7500 and the Tru-test Stafix M63R.

    The M10,000i energizer is a must for any serious game or agricultural farmer that want's big performance combined with I-Series smarts.

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