Thursday, April 9, 2020

Post lockdown price increases

Please note that while we are unable to work on installation and construction projects during lockdown, we can still assist with quotes and planning for your projects so that these can take place as soon as we are permitted to work again.  

If you are planning on purchasing new equipment such as energisers, please get your orders to us as soon as possible.  We are expecting prices of imported goods to increase substantially due to the recent decline in the value of the Rand and would therefore like to get you your equipment at the current prices where possible.  Gallagher power fencing and animal management equipment, Stafix electric fencing products and JVA fence products will be affected.  At this stage,we are not anticipating price increases on locally produced items such as Bonnox and Veldspan mesh, nettingwire, fencing wire or any of the Mittal products such as Y-standards and fencing droppers.  We do however expect there to be delays on items due to lower / no production over the last month.  While we will only be able to deliver post-lockdown, we are able to fix pricing on confirmed orders.  

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

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